5 comments on “Why Not ?

  1. i agree marcus, but it goes deeper than just saying upper management is preventing people from hiring black folks, owners are white and want the closest people to their money to be more like them,

  2. I agree the Rooney needs to be addressed and smacks of tokenism. Especially after a year like this. Wasn’t Ray Sherman retired up until the Cowboys asked him to come in after Garrett was promoted?

    As far as seeing more African American GMs, I think it’s a process that has to be implemented from the top down but executed from the bottom up. And the process seems to be turning in the right direction.

    You can speak on this better than I could but there seems to be more black assistants than ever in the league. This increase in assistants will lead to more black coordinators, then more HCs and so on up the ladder. Or as in Zo’s case working your way up through the talent evaluation side.

    When you look at the % of GMs and HCs do you think it is more appropriate to compare that number to the demographics of the players in the league or the population as a whole? I go back and forth. A greater number of coaches come from player ranks but it’s not exclusive and definitely not on the talent evaluation side.

    Good thought provoking stuff.

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