4 comments on “BleepStorm

  1. I wish you or somebody, he’ll anybody could Call Bib and respectfully put things in perspective for him. We are a joke and it’s getting worse. There are literally ZERO things Rick Smith has done well.

  2. I agree

    it sets a bad example for your team, but perhaps he knew the writing was on the wall and decided to “f*** it, im gonna party”.

    if you keep kubiak, you HAVE to bring in a well known defensive name and make sure to draft defensive players and sign a big name defensive guy (preferably in the secondary) the secondary is still way too young to compete in the playoffs (i know, crazy talk)…and the window is closing fast with AJ close to turning 30. gotta win now.

  3. If the true alternative to this scenario is one of the
    choices on the pathetic alleged HC list floating around, I’ll take
    Kubiak & a new (proven) DC all day long.

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