3 comments on “HOF In or Out

  1. I am with you M.C. But let’s say Rae Carruth was up for HOF. You think he should still get in? I guess I am asking are their exceptions? I definitely don’t think you should remove somebody from the HOF (i.e. Lawrence Taylor or OJ Simpson). I think if I were an HOF writer..I would have a hard time voting for a convicted murder.

    Fortunately..the players that are good enough to get in the HOF..don’t have the time to go around killing people.

  2. Marcus,

    As usual, great blog. I too agree that personal issues off the field should not come into Hall of Fame consideration. One of the many ways I think baseball has completely missed the mark is in regards to its “mightier than thou” handling of problems away from the field of play and great players through the years. I think Barry Bonds will be a perfect example. The facts are that he was a HOF ballplayer before the 1999 season (supposedly when he started juicing). He was the only member of the 400 HR/400 steals club, had three MVP awards, and multiple Gold Gloves. If he would have instead died during that offseason (not to wish anything bad on the guy), he would have been a first ballot guy.

    There’s no way that the story of the NFL can be written without the accomplishments of O.J. Simpson (alleged double homicide), Paul Hornung (gambling), and Lawrence Taylor (drugs and alleged statutory rape), just to name a few. To omit them from the Hall would be an injustice that would rob historians, current fans, and future followers of the NFL the opportunity to realize how each of them changed the game of football, especially Taylor.

    This may sound blasphemous to some, but I compare LT to Babe Ruth. Just like Babe brought the long ball to the diamond and became a worldwide icon – and also broke the law drinking during prohibition as well as many other transgressions, Taylor brought a previously never-before-seen athleticism to the defensive side of the ball. There’s a reason why he has been listed by players and coaches alike as one of the top 10 most influential players of all time. He was the reason why coaches started changing many of their most talented athletes over to the defense (hence the dominance of the Florida schools in college football through the late 80’s, 90’s, and up until now).

  3. Well said Marcus. I couldn’t agree more. Regardless of what guys like LT, OJ etc. have done off the field of play, there is no denying their greatness on the field.

    My question for you is having played against many of these guys now getting backlogged, what is your opinion on the HOF candidacy of Cris Carter, Andre Reed, et al?

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